Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Holiday Gifts For Your Pet

The holidays are here and it feels like “the most wonderful time of the year”! This is a great opportunity to remember what is truly important, and our pets certainly make that list.  In honor of the pets we’ve put together a list of the best pet gifts, so you can show your pet just how grateful you are for them!  We’ve created a list for both dog and cat lovers.

Dog Holiday Wish List
Our doggie wish list starts with the essential soggy doggy door matt. This magical door matt can tackle even the biggest wet messes! They offer assorted colors and patterns to blend in with any home d├ęcor. 

Next on our list is another basic essential: the Flik-it ball launcher. This isn’t your average ball launcher, the Flik-it arm pivots to increase power, accuracy and range, all while reducing your joint and muscle strain.

If you’re not able to make it to the park, keep your dog busy with the Bionic Bone. Your dog will be busy for hours!  Bionic Bone is built with super sturdy rubber, and designed to fit the curvature of your canine’s mouth – this will keep even the most aggressive chewer occupied!

Now for a little fun, we’ve included The Illuminated Leash on our list. This fun light-up leash will brighten any evening or early morning walk.  The light is visible for one quarter mile away, helping you keep safe and look cool all at the same time!

Last but not least, if you’re having any formal events at your home this bow tie collar will make sure your pooch is dressed to impress! For fun outings you may choose the skull and bones design, or for a formal get together pinstripes may fit the bill! In any case this bow tie collar is a must!

Cat Holiday Wish List:

Now for our favorite cat gifts! We think the holidays should have the perfect balance of play and rest. That’s why we’ve chosen this cat trapeze. The suspended design challenges cats to climb to the top—then provides a comfortable place to rest! We think every cat will love this cat trapeze.

Next on our list is fun, yet practical. Every cat needs a place to scratch, why not make it enjoyable at the same time? This Cat Scratch DJ Deck lets your cat scratch records on a turn table for hours of fun and laughs.

If you’re cat is more of a lounging kitty, this is the perfect gift for them! This bamboo hammock is made with eco-friendly materials, offers a unique sleeping surface, is stain resistant and has a reversible cover.

While you’re out holiday shopping, this great DVD will keep your kitty company. This DVD is designed to keep your cat’s attention without being too repetitive. They may not even know you’re gone!

Last but not least is the Senses Play Circuit. This toy incorporates your cat’s sound, touch and sight senses for a dynamic playing experience!  By engaging with your cat’s natural hunting instincts your cat will be busy playing for hours!

Whichever gift you decide to give your pet we know it will be a special time of year. Here at Fetch! Pet Care, we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday!  And remember

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fetch! Pet Care in Franchising World

Fetch was recently reatured in an article in Franchising World magazine, focusing on how franchisees utilize social media and drive online presence to drive revenue.

Read the article here.

"When I purchased my first Fetch! Pet Care franchise in late 2008, I had no idea how much social media websites would drive my revenue. Over the past five years, we have grown aggressively to 12 locations in five states plus the District of Columbia. A robust social media presence has been key to ensuring we are ahead of our competition and innovative in our messaging to prospective clients. Three years ago we barely had a Facebook presence. Today each location has a very active Facebook page, Twitter handle, Google+ business page, a Foursquare check in, a Yelp account and many other directory listings. Recently we hired companies to help us manage our online presence and more importantly monitor our online reputation.

Another lesson I learned is to know your target audience. People in Manhattan use social media much differently than people in Birmingham. Our social media "voice" speaks differently in each market. All that is to say, we try to utilize social media to communicate with our clients, our clients' friends and potential clients in a way that will engage them. Our goal is to put the brand in front of them, find out what they like, what they don't like and how we can do a better job with our services.

We always manage our online reputation by promoting positive reviews, addressing negative ones and always asking clients for feedback. A bad reputation in the pet-sitting business can sink you in a hurry. Yelp, Angie's List, Foursquare and other online review websites give a prospective client confidence in the hiring process and that equates to more long-term business for our team." --Jay Barrett, Fetch Pet Care Franchisee

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pet Proofing your Home for the Holidays

November officially kicks off the holiday season! Nothing says the holidays like turkey, decorations and family. But while you’re hauling in the tree and baking holiday treats, remember to consider how these things can affect your pet. In an effort to help your kitty or pup avoid any holiday accidents, here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

Tempting holiday treats may cause harm

DON’T feed your pet Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey and other poultry have small brittle bones that pose a choking hazard to animals. Avoid feeding your pet any turkey.

DO guard your left overs. Make sure all of your leftovers are in a secure place and that the garbage is not within your pet’s reach.

DON’T feed your pet your dessert. It’s tempting to share your holiday pies and treats but these foods can cause your little guy a big stomachache. Treats with chocolates are absolutely off limits, as they are highly toxic and deadly to dogs.

- DO stick with your pet’s regular diet to avoid any stomachaches or trips to the vet. If you want to give your pet a festive treat, take a trip to the pet store for a pet appropriate surprise!

Decorations should bring cheer not fear!

DON’T let your pet play with the Christmas tree. Tree decorations, lights and pine needles can all cause serious problems for your pet if they are digested.

DO trim low hanging tree branches that your pet may see as a tempting toy or treat!

DON'T let your pet drink from the tree’s water bowl. Stagnant water can grow bacteria that are hazardous to your pet’s health.

DO secure a Christmas tree skirt around the bottom of the tree. This will keep pets away from the tree trunk and clear of the lights, decorations, water bowl and from accidentally knocking over the tree!

DON’T leave poinsettias, lilies and mistletoe on the ground. These plants can be toxic to pets, so keep them out of licking and chewing range.

DO keep decorations at eye level. This will keep most hazards out of your pet’s way.

DON’T leave holiday presents under the tree or on a coffee table. Pets like to open gifts too! Holiday paper and ribbons can be deadly if they get stuck in your pet’s digestive tract.

DO speak with guests about pet safety hazards so they don’t unknowingly break the rules and put your pet in harms way.

Remember, the best present you can give your pet for the holidays is a warm safe home! We hope these tips help you and your pet side step any holiday accidents and we wish you a Happy Holidays from everyone at Fetch! Pet Care!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”

(Photo credit: Fusaro Photography)
October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month” and the need for good homes for dogs is higher than ever. For us at Fetch! Pet Care, shelter dogs hold a very special place in our hearts, as many of our Fetch! owners volunteer for shelters and have adopted shelter pets themselves. The owner of Fetch! Pet Care of the Hollywood Hills in California, Peggy Kennedy, took the time out of her busy day of dispatching her pet sitters to perform professional pet sitting and dog walking services to speak with us about her two shelter dogs, Duval and Roo, who are an irreplaceable part of her family.

Peg first meet Duval, a Pit Bull, when he was a Fetch! client. Peg and Duval became instant friends on their walks together, and when Duval’s owner could no longer take care of him, Peg took him in. Peg’s husband initially needed some convincing, but after a few cuddle sessions with Duval he was sold!

During the day, Duval stays busy going to elementary schools where he is a certified therapy dog and reads with children once a week. He enjoys tagging along with Peg to pet and adoption events. His favorite foods are muffins and pastries—but these are not a part of his regular nutrition regimen!
(Photo credit: Rita Earl Photography)

And then there is Roo! Peg met the Pit Bull mix when she was “red listed” by the shelter, meaning Roo had been recommended to be euthanized. Roo was suffering from Mange; a skin disorder caused by parasites, and she didn’t get along well with others. Because of the skin sores caused by Mange and her social problems, Roo didn’t have much chance of being adopted.

Peg took her home temporarily, so Roo could avoid being euthanized. Over the next three months Peg spent endless hours with Roo helping her to overcome her behavioral problems and, when Roo still couldn’t find a home, Peg decided she was there to stay! Unlike Duval, Roo is full of energy and spends her days at agility classes, running and hiking. Rue’s favorite food is popcorn!

Many people say that shelter dogs seem more grateful to their owners, but Peg says she’s the one who feels differently towards her dogs because she knows what would have happened to them had she not adopted them. By adopting them, she opened the door for these two great dogs to have a good life, while making room at the shelter for another dog to get the same opportunity. You can give a shelter dog the opportunity for a better life by adopting or fostering; contact your local shelter to learn how you can make a difference.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cat

This August Fetch! Pet Care is dedicating the month to rescue cats and cat adoption. It seems only fit that our fun feline friends have the whole month to themselves! There are millions of cats in shelters waiting to find a happy home. Adopting a cat is a big responsibility but with careful planning you can do it! Here are some things to consider to determine if you’re ready to add a kitty to your family.

First, make sure your home is cat friendly. If you rent your home or apartment, the first thing you need to do is see if you are permitted to have animals in the building. Going against your lease agreement can be a big headache! If your lease agreement does not allow for pets, you might call your landlord and see if they are flexible on the issue. Also, decide if you have room for a cat. While cats need less space than dogs, they still need their own area. Decide where you would put the cat’s litter box, and have his own play area once he arrives.

The second thing to consider is the other people in your home. Talk with your family or roommates and see how they feel about having a cat. Do they have any allergies, or other concerns? Don’t forget the other animals in your family too! If you have other pets it’s important to know how they will react to having a new brother or sister. Does your pet do well around others? When other pets are involved it may be a good idea to set up a trial visit, so you can gauge how both animals will get along. Animals are very in-tune with emotions, so it’s important to make sure you will be bringing your cat into a welcoming and loving home.

The third thing to consider is if your current lifestyle permits the time and money associated with caring for a cat. Be honest: are you constantly on the go, does your other pet require all of your attention? Not all cats are the same; research different breeds to see which would best suit your lifestyle. If you’re busy, roommates and family members can be a great resource for co-parenting too!

Your cat will also come with some added monthly expenditures. Put together a basic budget of what your cat will cost you per month. Make sure to include: food, toys, possible medical expenses, and other kitty services, like a Fetch! Pet Care cat sitter who can provide daily, or cat visits and playtime exercise. Be honest about what you can afford so you are prepared and your kitty will be well cared for.

Lastly, consider where you want to get a cat from. Remember, there are way too many cats in rescue and adoption shelters who need a home. Consider these sources first and help to change a furry one’s life for the better.

If having a pet is new for you, it’s a great idea to watch a friend’s pet for a while, so you know what to expect when you have your own. Your new cat will give you tons of unconditional love, attention and laughs! All of the responsibilities are well worth it and remember Fetch! Pet Care is always here to cover your tailand has your tail covered!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Keep Your Pet Cool When Traveling To The Great Outdoors

Let’s face it, things aren’t getting any cooler. With record temperatures and humidity it’s likely going to be a hot, hot summer! So, as we get ready to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, let’s remember that as we try to keep ourselves cool we also want to keep our pets comfortable too.

Pets can be subject to the same issues with heat as us humans, including overheating, dehydration and sunburn. By example, a dog’s normal temperature is somewhere between 100 and 102.5 degrees. Heat stroke, which occurs at 106 degrees or higher, can affect dogs rapidly and must be treated right away to avoid a fatal situation.

Here are some tips to help your pet stay cool and help ensure an enjoyable summer for everyone:
  • Research your pet’s specific breed information online or consult with your veterinarian. Some pets overheat faster than others and you should take special precautions for their individual needs. 
  • When outdoors, don’t take your pet with you unless you can ensure your pooch will have a shady area to escape the heat, cool off and maybe even take in that relaxing summer nap. 
  • Always have plenty of fresh, cool water – whether on a walk, in the car or in the house or yard. 
  • During the summertime, walk your dog before and after the heat of the day – early morning or late evening. 
  • Never leave your dog unattended in your car. Even while running a quick errand, the temperature inside a parked car can get to fatal levels very quickly, even if the car is parked in the shade with the windows down. 
  • Use a specially formulated pet sunscreen for your pets, particularly if they are known breeds to be subject to sunburn. 
  • Consider booties to protect your pet’s paws. Pets have sweat glands on their paws and some form of covering will keep them cool on the asphalt and in hot weather climates in general. 
  • If traveling long distances, consider bringing a small baby pool or letting your pooch get hosed off or take a cool bath while at your hotel. You can also buy cooling specific products for pets, such as water filled pet pads, collars, and vests. 
As long as you follow these tips your pet will have a great time with you on your many summer adventures. They’ll come back relaxed, refreshed, and happy just like you.

And remember, Fetch! Pet Care knows how to keep your pet cool and happy this summer with our nationwide dog walking and petsitting services wherever, whenever you need us most. Whether you want us to care for your pet at home while you’re away, or you want us to provide daily care at your destination of travel, we’ve got your tail covered!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding A Great Pet Sitter During The Busy Summer Season

Summer is most certainly a busy time of year!  That goes double for anyone in the service industry.  From the local dry cleaner, to the local travel agency, any business that serves a regular or rotating customer base is going to be working very hard to keep everyone happy during the busy Summer.

Without proper planning, you can find yourself in quite a jam if you’re looking for short notice service over the Summer.  You’ve booked your trip well in advance, got you’re nicest clothes professionally cleaned weeks ago, you even scheduled the airport shuttle two months out.  But wait, who’s watching your pets? The neighbors are staying home for the holidays, but that’s an awful lot to ask – it is their holiday too, after all.  The kennel, that’s an option, right? It is, if you’re alright with your pets being in an unfamiliar environment with alpha pets, being in a crate for the majority of the day, oh, and the risk of those airborne illnesses like kennel cough. 

What you need is a professional pet sitter!  You’ve called some smaller local operators, but it’s just the owner as a one person operation providing services – and  they’ve been overbooked for weeks. 

Wait, you went to that adoption event over the Summer, and met those great folks from Fetch! Pet Care, they even told you that one of the ways they ensure their client’s peace of mind is by having a large, licensed, bonded, and insured professional staff.

Success! Fetch! Pet Care worked out perfectly, they were able to provide you the service you desperately needed, and on short notice to boot.  However, the best way to find a pet sitter or dog walker during the busy Summer season is to be prepared.  Book Summer dog walking or pet sitting services well in advance, perhaps even have a few services performed prior to the Summer to ensure everything is to your and your pet’s liking.