Sunday, October 19, 2014

Corgi Puppy - Playtime

This Corgi puppy, Maya, thinks it’s time to celebrate Halloween already.  Watch the cuteness and share with your friends.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is just around the corner. While we were putting up pumpkin lights around the garage and decorating the house with cobwebs we started chatting about how to keep our critters safe as we celebrate our favorite holiday: Halloween!

We started by looking at the decorations in and outside the house.  Outside we made sure our pumpkin lights were tacked down well to avoid our dog getting tangled or mistaking them for a chewy toy.  We also bought flashlights for inside the jack-o-lanterns, eliminating the temptation for our furry ones to play with the fire or knock them over.

Inside the house was a bit more difficult. We are making sure the wires and cords to our electronic decorations (think life size witch!) were tucked away and checking for small parts that could break off and resemble a delicious treat.
Then of course you have the candy, which can pose many threats to your pets.  Chocolate and xylitol are a well-known hazard for dogs and cats; however, a lesser known hazard are raisins, which are equally as dangerous!
It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a costume!  When considering costumes for your pet, remember to consider the pet’s tolerance to stress.   Costumes can limit their vision and fit uncomfortably, causing some pets to panic.  If you do go the costume route make sure they are pet-proof, so they don’t get chewed and that your pet is comfortable and happy! 

Once the night gets started, make sure your pet has a safe and cozy place to be when the trick-or-treaters come.  We love the trick-or-treaters but we don’t like the animals to be stressed, or worse, run out the front door because they get spooked.  In case your pet does get out, make sure their microchip registration is up to date, so you can easily track them down. Remember to have a fun candy-filled Halloween! And send us your Halloween pictures to post on our Facebook page at

Sunday, October 12, 2014

In this issue of Pets Weekly:
Pets Weekly is a series that highlights valuable headlines from around the web: From health tips, events, humor and more. We’ve got your tail covered!

Cool Cats in Fashion
Scooter, World’s Coolest Cat Has a Cool Message For Other Cats: “It’s Hip to be Snipped!”
- Top 7 Halloween costumes for your dog 

Cool Cats in Fashion
Choupette eats from a silver dish, has a custom-made name brand bag, and a makeup line. Her daddy is Karl Lagerfeld and it is natural that this kitty is a mogul. In addition to all of her other endeavors, she has a book out and a collection of accessories for sale. 

Choumpette isn’t alone in the world where cats are integral part of the fashion world.  
Read about Maggie and Reena and other cats that are making their names in fashion.

Scooter — The World's Coolest Cat
Scooter, World’s Coolest Cat Has a Cool Message For Other Cats- “It’s Hip to be Snipped!”
Scooter is sharing the message of spay and neuter for Scooters’ message is that getting neutered is not only cool; it is healthy for the cat. Male cats are at risk from aggression, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, death from running around, and they also add to the cat overpopulation problem if they are not neutered. Female cats are more likely to get uterine cancer.  See Scooter’s video here.

Top 7 Halloween costumes for your dog

Are you planning to dress up your dog for Halloween? Pets can go trick or treating and they cannot eat the candy (more for their owner). There are some tips in choosing what costume works best, including: 1. Bring out their inner diva by pulling out the tutu and tiara. Go read more tips here.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Video of the Week: A Chihuahua Chasing Bubbles. That's All.

Just when you thought puppies couldn’t get any cuter, this puppy is here to
prove you wrong! This adorable Chihuahua pup is playfully chasing bubbles. That
alone is enough to make hearts swell, but add some cute music, put the video in
slow motion and your hearts are sure to explode!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dogs Can Get Ebola, Study Suggests

After Spanish authorities ordered the euthanization of the dog of an Ebola patient on Wednesday, questions emerged over whether the action was necessary. Can Ebola actually be transmitted from a dog to a human?
Possibly, according to an academic study of dogs exposed to the virus.
While the case has animal activists up in arms, it has also caused confusion over the protocol for domestic animals who come into contact with Ebola. Some, including the dog's owner, have called for him to be quarantined, while others see the pooch as a public health threat.
Spanish health officials have said the killing of the dog was a preventative measure, to ensure that he does not spread the disease. The action raised one key question: Can a dog that is exposed to Ebola be a threat to human health?
Although academic research on Ebola in canines is limited, a 2005 study published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Emerging Infectious Diseases journal suggests that dogs are susceptible to the virus, just like humans.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fumble! NFL Player Injured While Potty Training His Puppy & More — This Week on Pets Weekly

Pets Weekly is a series that highlights valuable headlines from around the web: From health tips, events, humor and more. We’ve got your tail covered!

In this issue of Pets Weekly:
- Fumble! NFL Player Injured While Potty Training His Puppy
- Your Pet Might Be Peeved!
- Keep That Cat! Litter Box Problems Do Have Solutions

Fumble! NFL Player Injured While Potty-Training His Puppy
Three month old Lil’ Rufio took down a NFL player, Joseph Fauria, with one move — evading capture after being caught trying to do his outdoor business indoors. Fauria doesn’t blame the puppy for his injury, a sprained ankle, he just hopes to get better soon so he can play for the Lions again. In the meantime, he is much more careful when he needs to take Lil’ Rufio potty.

Your Pet Might Be Peeved!
If you are going to pet another dog, you should be prepared with an extra treat for your own. A study by psychology professor Christine Harris and her former student, Caroline Prouvost, seems to show that dogs get jealous and act out with attention seeking behavior when their owners pet another dog. Harris said that the dog not only acts jealous, he actively tries to break up the connection.

Keep That Cat! Litter Box Problems Do Have Solutions
One of the most given reasons for surrendering a cat or euthanizing it is that they are doing their litter box business anywhere but the litter box. Ilona Rodan, DVM shares that surrender is not the only option. Most cats have unresolved medical issues, are trying to communicate, or are stressed when they misbehave in the litter box department. Among the solutions, a visit to the vet is the first step to rule out medical problems. The next step is to reduce the cat’s stress and to keep their current litter situation clean and accessible. For more information on solutions, check out this article.