Friday, March 15, 2013

Fetch! Pet Care featured in Memphis Business Journal

Fetch! Pet Care was recently featured in the Memphis Business Journal in an article titled, "Fetch! Pet Care looking for Memphis site." In the article, Paul Mann discusses the future development plans for Fetch! Pet Care in Memphis, and how the brand will expand throughout the territory and state. He explains the Fetch! Pet Care opportunities for the area, and why the pet care industry has continuously grown and has been so successful even in today’s tough economic times, allowing their brand to become a top leader in the industry.  Click here for the entire article or begin below.

By: Alan Howell

Paul Mann has Memphis in his cross hairs and he’s ready to pull the trigger on establishing his Dayton, Ohio-based pet care franchise in the heart of the Mid-South.

“We’ve had great success in Nashville for the last four or five years and in neighboring markets, as well,” Mann says. “We’re excited to come to Memphis.”

Mann plans to have at least one Fetch! Pet Care location in the Bluff City by mid-2013 and says the local market should support another two or three. He is looking at Bartlett, Germantown, West Memphis and Downtown.


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