Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bigger is Better?

The American Kennel Club has released their list of the nation's most popular breeds. While the Labrador retriever retained its #1 spot for the 22nd year in a row, the list shows some interesting finds. Larger breeds are on the rise, while the once-popular smaller breed slid down the ranks. The German shepherd was again runner-up, but the golden retriever rose to third, dropping the smaller-sized beagles to fourth. The bigger bulldog surpassed the tiny Yorkie to round out the top five.

Regionally, Labradors even managed to swoop the top spot in NYC, where the Yorkie dropped from first to fifth. However, German shepherds took Chicago's most popular spot where they're increasingly popular among families in addition to police, guard and military personnel.

The Labrador's two-decade reign seems almost unbeatable, and yet, the poodle also held the top spot for 22 years from the 1980s through the 1990s. Perhaps the bonsai hair grooming became too much to maintain for pet owners.

To find the most popular breed in your city, check the AKC's stats by clicking HERE.

Friday, January 25, 2013

FETCH! Pet Care featured in the Times Free Press

In the article, Will Feldman, owner of Fetch! Pet Care in Chattanooga discussed his background, his pets and his new Fetch! Pet Care opening in Chattanooga. He explains why he wanted to bring the Fetch! brand to the Chattanooga area, and talks about his future expansion, development and overall marketing plans.

Click HERE for the full feature, or begin reading below.

By: Shelly Bradbury 

Name: Fetch! Pet Care of Chattanooga.
Owner: Will Feldman.
Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
Opening: Feb. 1.
Staff: Between three and six insured, background-checked pet-sitters.
Services: "We offer dog walking; in-home care for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles; yard cleanup. If they're out of town we could change the lights, take the mail in -- basically if the client needs it, we'll provide it," Feldman said.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Name Game

Everybody remembers begging their parents for a puppy. You probably created lists or PowerPoints about how you would take care of it, and how you would schedule play time after homework, and how you would never forget to feed your new love.

But I remember one thing that was the most exciting:

Getting to name the puppy.

I created lists, just like you would a newborn baby, and practiced calling them out loud across the yard to see which had the best ring. I wanted to beam with pride every time I called my pup's name because I had chosen it myself.

It's been years since I named my dog (Serge, short for Sergeant), and I began to wonder

What are the most popular dog names? Books upon books are dedicated to baby names, but how are we picking names for our dogs? Of course, I didn't have to look much deeper than the Huffington Post. All I have to say is

How dare we subject our dogs to Twilight.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Pet Resolutions

As 2012 has come to a close we begin to look back at what we have and haven’t accomplished over the past year. It’s a common tradition to make a New Year’s Resolution for yourself. You may think that you need to live a healthier lifestyle by exercising more and eating better, or maybe you’re a procrastinator and want to become more action-oriented.

We don’t often make New Year’s resolutions for anyone other than ourselves, but isn’t it time for New Year’s resolutions for our pets? For example, if we have a weight problem that we would like to solve we can say we’re going to cut out sweets and fatty foods. Our pets can’t do that, but we as pet owners can help them on their path to a useful New Year’s resolution.

Just like humans, pets need to exercise often to stay fit. So if you’ve found that your pet is becoming a bit less active than they used to be, help them get back on track by exercising them more or by hiring a professional pet sitter or dog walker to maintain their daily routine . If you’ve found that your pet is eating more than they used to, change their food to a healthier choice of kibble or wet-food, or make sure you’re not over-feeding them with things such as treats and table scraps.

There are other resolutions that can also help your pet enjoy the New Year. Grooming is another one of the activities, like ample exercise, that we often allow our pets to go too long without. It is an easy thing to forget because it is not ourselves that we are grooming, but pets need to be cleaned too. These ideas are just a jumping off point. If you have any more ideas submit them in the comments section.